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Montoyua Ann Ponder (Toyah)

Founder/Executive Director


My Story

I'm Montoyua Ann Ponder, born and raised in Flint, Michigan in the 1970s.  I am a mother, educator, life coach, business owner, and a licensed Minister. Empowering others is my strongest asset.  I gained this attribute while working nearly 20 years in the human services field providing in-home counseling, services to truants, drop-outs and delinquent youth, protecting abused and neglected children, serving state recipients of public assistance programs; and also as a guardian of court wards.  I have also served as a makeup artist, empowering women to look and feel beautiful!  


Life for me, however, hasn't been a crystal stair.  I became a teen mother at the age of 16 years old.  Determined to get my life moving in the right direction, I enrolled in college; and moved away from my hometown with my son. I finished according to plans. 


 In 2012, I founded, Young Mothers Achieving Success, a youth program, designed to equip young mothers with tools for success.  A year later, I relocated to Houston, TX.  This experience became the pivoting point of my life.  Everything that could go wrong, went wrong.  Financial despair, family breakdown, and life stresses felt like a whirlwind.  While recovering from 2017's Hurricane Harvey; my passion to help others who may have experienced disaster and life traumas similar to my own, became inalienable.  The birthing of the plan resulted in Wind of Hope, Inc. 


In 2021, I answered the call to ministry; and expanded the agency.  Its services and mission was revised to now include faith-based ministerial programs. As a believer who carries the grace to lead deliverance and healing ministry; I can assure that rescue, restoration and rebirth is sure to manifest according to the faith of everyone involved, through Jesus Christ.  I look forward to developing strong community partnerships; and meeting the needs of others.


Montoyua Ann Ponder, CEO



PHONE: 832-557-7093


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